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Jacob Petrosky

Jacob Petrosky holds the esteemed position of Tech Wizard at Instant Roofer, demonstrating his extensive expertise within both the roofing industry and web development field. Recognized as the visionary behind Instant Roofer, he has also spearheaded the development of numerous industry-leading roofing calculators, underpinning his reputation as an innovator. His impressive portfolio boasts over two decades of immersion in the Information Technology sector. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to both own and operate one of Hawaii's most prominent IT consulting enterprises, in addition to establishing one of the pioneering cloud service companies based in Hawaii. His breadth of knowledge spans diverse areas such as server management, VoIP, network infrastructure, website development, big data analytics, machine learning, and mastery over several coding languages. Since 2020, Jacob has adeptly merged his technological prowess with his work in the roofing sector. Notably, he contributed to the creation of one of the inaugural Tesla Solar Roof calculators, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach. His roofing experience extends across the entirety of the United States, wherein he actively manages the websites and technology stacks for numerous roofing companies. Jacob is not only a technological lead at Instant Roofer but also a key contributor to the company's content. The articles penned by him undergo meticulous peer review by other roofing professionals whom Jacob routinely consults, thereby ensuring that the information presented on Instant Roofer is both accurate and highly informative.

Homes with tarp after storm

How to Tarp a Roof?

Tarping a roof is an essential especially after storms since roofs can face significant damage. Addressing this immediately by tarping a roof serves as an effective alternative solution. Safety is paramount before beginning your tarping project. When Do You Need… 

Continuous flashing or apron flashing identified via an arrow and text on a roof

What is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is a guardian against leaks, strategically placed to redirect water away from areas where roof structures meet with a chimney, wall, or other vertical surface. Think of roof flashing as a splash guard keeping water from entering between…