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Texas Roofing Contractors

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Texas Roofing Contractors

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Wondering what it’s going to cost to replace your roof in Texas?


9,638,069 roofs scanned by our roofing calculator in Texas


Our roof replacement cost calculator has determined the average price of a roof in Texas is $8,546


Find a roofer ideally suited to service your home from 3,609 highly-rated roofing contractors in Texas

Top 20 Texas Roofing Contractors

Enter your address in our app to learn who has the best combination of reviews and pricing for your exact home. Updated: 5/4/24

Mayfield Roofing Inc
(806) 678-0907
18 Google reviews

4803 Catalpa Lane
Amarillo, TX 79110

Good Faith Energy
(972) 777-6937
448 Google reviews

4122 Billy Mitchell Drive
Addison, TX 75001

Hawk 3 Construction
(214) 335-0467
59 Google reviews

613 North Walnut Street
Roanoke, TX 76262

Kstylez Roofing & Construction
(512) 910-8009
58 Google reviews

16801 Radholme Court
Round Rock, TX 78664

ABP Construction
(817) 504-6341
125 Google reviews

813 Brown Trail
Bedford, TX 76022

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Classic Roofing
(202) 995-9685
179 Google reviews

1221 Corporate Drive East
Arlington, TX 76006

CTT Exteriors
(210) 640-3339
109 Google reviews

15364 Flying Circle
Helotes, TX 78023

Restoration Roofing & Remodeling LLC
(832) 388-5393
28 Google reviews

6902 Farm to Market 2920
Spring, TX 77379

316 Roofing and Construction
(817) 402-7663
161 Google reviews

1103 Keller Parkway
Keller, TX 76248

JenPro Roofing & General Contracting
(512) 573-0055
234 Google reviews

25 Summer Sun Cv
Kyle, TX 78640

Achilles Roofing & Exteriors
(832) 888-1666
181 Google reviews

9331 Ronda Ln
Houston, TX 77074

All Over Exterior Inc
(832) 591-0005
132 Google reviews

10050 Northwest Fwy Ste 130
Houston, TX 77092

All Roofing and Remodeling Co Inc
(832) 698-2101
84 Google reviews

4750 FM 2920 Rd Ste 503
Spring, TX 77388

All Star Sheet Metal & Roofing LLC
(806) 372-6621
23 Google reviews

405 Crockett St
Amarillo, TX 79106

All Available Roofing LLC
(469) 547-1498
28 Google reviews

13151 Emily Rd Ste 109
Dallas, TX 75240

AC Roofing
(956) 420-2430
57 Google reviews

700 E Washington St Ste E
Brownsville, TX 78520

A&W Roofing
(512) 688-5044
148 Google reviews

3875 E University Ave Ste 107
Georgetown, TX 78626

Agape Roofing and Construction LLC
(210) 414-7857
12 Google reviews

9631 Roy Croft Ave
Helotes, TX 78023

Altitude Roofing LLC
(512) 809-3229
73 Google reviews

13040 Nutty Brown Rd
Austin, TX 78737

Aesthetic Roofing Systems
(281) 845-7663
19 Google reviews

5979 Fairmont Pkwy
Pasadena, TX 77505

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Obtaining your Texas roof replacement estimate has never been easier. With our streamlined process, you can receive an accurate estimate in under a minute, without the need to sign up. Simply provide some details about your roofing needs, and we’ll handle the rest.

  1. Enter your address into Instant Roofer.
  2. Confirm your home via Satellite Imagery.
  3. Instantly view your estimated cost and roof size.
  4. Submit the information to receive an estimate from the most affordable, top-rated Texas roofing contractors.

In a flash, you’ll have your roofing estimate of your choice guided by both budget and personal preferences!

Discover Highest-Rated and Cost-Effective Texas Roofing Contractors in Moments.

Leverage our Texas roof estimate tool to identify the most economical solution for your roof replacement. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to examine your home and pair you with top-rated local Texas roofing contractors. After considering each contractor’s cost and online reputation, we can pinpoint the best match for your unique roofing needs.

Our Roofing Selections

At Instant Roofer, we recognize the uniqueness of each home and respect the different preferences of homeowners. As such, we’re committed to offering an array of roofing choices that align with your specific needs and budget. From aesthetic appeal to durability, to energy efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

With our Texas roof estimate tool, you’re empowered to compare the costs of four distinct roofing materials — Architectural Asphalt Shingles, Designer Asphalt Shingles, Metal Roofing, and Solar Roofing.

Take a moment to learn about these materials and determine which one aligns with your preferences and needs. Whatever your selection, you can trust us to connect you with the top-rated Texas roofing contractor who offers the best value for your project.

Better Asphalt Roof

Architectural Asphalt Shingle
Architectural Asphalt Shingle

Large color selection

Limited Shingle Style Options

Average Algae Protection

Average Life and Warranty

Average Impact and Wind Rating

Best Asphalt Roof

Designer Asphalt Shingle

High Curb appeal

Bigger and Thicker Asphalt Shingle

Better Protection Against Algae

Longer Lasting Life and Warranty

Better Impact and Wind Rating

Metal Roof

Metal Roof


Longer Life 40-70 years

Better protection from fire

Better home cooling (UV Protection)

Best Impact and Wind Rating

Solar Roof

Solar Roof

Ultimate Curb appeal

Clean Renewable Energy

Up to 30% in Federal Tax Credits

Potential $0 Electricity Costs

Increased Home Value

Clay/Terra Cotta

Clay Roofing Tiles in orange color
Clay/Terra Cotta Tiles

Up to 100-year longevity

Durable Against Sun & Wind

Great Insulation

Great Fire Resistance

Low Maintenance


Slate Roofing Tiles Close Up
Slate Shingles

Over 100-Year longevity

Fire Resistant

Durable & Low Maintenance

Natural Beauty


Cedar Shake

Cedar Shake Tiles up close
Cedar Shake Tiles


Boosts Home Value

Natural Aesthetic

Natural Resistance


Flat Roofing

Flat roofing coated with reflective color white
TPO or Flat Roofing

Commercial Applications


Low Repair Costs

Fast Installation

Low Maintenance


Copper Roofing without patina
Copper Metal Roof

Fire, Wind & Hail Resistant

Oxides Beautifully

Easy Maintenance

Up to 100-year longevity



Concrete Roof Tiles up close
Concrete Shingles

Over 100-Year longevity

Fire Resistant

Durable & Low Maintenance

Natural Beauty


Solar Panels

Multiple Solar Panels
Rooftop Solar Panels

Clean Renewable Energy

Up to 30% in Federal Tax Credits

Potential $0 Electricity Costs

Increased Home Value

Low Maintenance

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A reviewer for Instant Roofer

“Instant Roofers estimate was spot on. The contractor it recommended was excellent. All around a great experience.”

Our Exceptional Approach

When planning for a roof replacement, understanding what influences the total cost is crucial. Multiple factors like your home’s age and size, the number of stories it has, and the type of roofing material you select, contribute to the final Texas roof estimate.

In our experience building roof estimate tools, we discovered that many homeowners struggled with identifying their roof’s size. This issue often led them on time-consuming trips to home improvement stores and lengthy online searches to determine their roof’s complexity. To streamline this process, we created an innovative tool that simplifies it all. Simply input your address into our Texas roof estimate tool, and you’ll get an immediate estimate for your Texas new roof cost from the best priced and high rated contractors in your area.

We envisioned a platform that would provide genuine, relevant information without bombarding users with unnecessary sales pitches or spam as Internet is filled with information about roof estimates, but not all of it is valuable or user-friendly. This vision laid the foundation for Instant Roofer.

Instant Roofer brings together tech enthusiasts and experienced roofers to offer an effortless, speedy, and free access to calculate roof estimates anywhere in America. The result is a unique solution that redefines the way homeowners in Texas estimate their new roof cost.

What sets us apart… We’re proudly 100% American-owned, developed, and operated, passionately serving the roofing estimate needs of our fellow citizens with steadfast commitment and proficiency.

Your Go-To Texas Roof Estimate Calculator

At Instant Roofer, we’re anything but ordinary. We employ Artificial Intelligence to measure your roof directly from satellite images – taking our Texas roof estimate tool to the next level. By harnessing the power of big data and collaborating with local Texas roofing contractors, we offer you the most accurate and affordable online roof replacement estimates in a matter of seconds.

How do we ensure you connect with top Texas roofing contractors? Our approach is twofold: we examine the pricing of roofing contractors in your area and evaluate their online ratings. This dual analysis guarantees you receive the best price and connect with the highest-rated Texas Roofing contractor.

How our Texas roofing calculator works

About Instant Roofer

When people inquire about us, they often wonder if we’re a traditional roofing company. Well, the answer is both yes and no. Imagine us as the UBER of the roofing industry. We harness the power of technology to streamline the roofing process, offering benefits not just to you, but to the roofing contractor as well.

We understand that roofing can be complex, with many variables such as roof pitch, facets, eaves, ridges, and more to consider. That’s why we kick off the process by offering a rough estimate, although we always advocate for obtaining a detailed quote from a local roofer.

In contrast to other roof estimate providers, we don’t blast your data to an array of roofers. Instead, we handpick the top Texas roofing contractors in your area, working in tandem with them to ensure they have the requisite details to execute your new roofing project seamlessly.

Indeed, the “Instant” in Instant Roofer isn’t just for show. The moment you accept your online roof replacement estimate, we spring into action. We promptly alert the Texas roofing contractors of an incoming project, confirm the Texas roofing company with you, and set the wheels in motion by providing them with the details to give you a final roof replacement estimate cost.

Understanding Roofing in Texas

Roofs in Texas are not just structures that cover our homes, but they also serve as our first line of defense against various weather elements. The roof pitch, materials, and installation methods are all designed with the unique Texas climate in mind. Whether it’s intense sun, high winds, or heavy rain, severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes, and occasional hailstorms, a roof in Texas needs to be durable and resilient.

Home roof recently inspected by Texas Roofer

Average Cost of Roof Replacement in Texas

Money laid out with golden dollar coins on top

Average roof estimate in Texas can vary widely depending on the size of your home, the type of roofing material, and the specifics of the installation. Whether you’re located in a bustling city or a quiet rural area, our Texas roof estimate tool can give you a reliable estimate. Here are several factors that influence the new roof cost:

  • Roof Size – A larger roof area means more materials are required and consequently more labor, making the roof size a primary factor in the final price.
  • Roof Pitch or Slope – Steeper roofs can be more challenging and time-consuming to work on, potentially increasing labor costs. Also, they may require additional materials to prevent leaks which would also affect the overall price.
  • Existing Roof Condition – For instance, if there’s substantial storm damage or underlying structural issues, these would need to be addressed before installing a new roof. This added work could increase your overall roof estimate.
  • Material Costs – Another major contributor to the total Texas new roof cost as they all come at different price points, reflecting their unique benefits and features.
  • Labor Costs – Can vary based on the complexity of the job, the roof’s size, and the chosen material. Texas roofing contractors need to consider the effort and time it takes to remove the old roof, prepare the surface, and install the new roof. However, quality workmanship is worth the investment.
  • Roof Type and Additional Requirements – Complex roofs with multiple angles or features like chimneys or skylights may require more labor and materials. Also, roofing such as Solar, might have additional requirements affecting the overall price.
  • Weather Condition – Some seasons, such as late spring and summer, are popular for roofing work and might be more expensive due to higher demand. Alternatively, scheduling your project during off-peak seasons might allow for better pricing.

Roofing Materials

When considering a new roof, one of the most critical decisions to make is the type of roofing material. The selection should reflect not only your budget but also the architectural style of your home and the climatic conditions in Texas. Using our Texas roof estimate tool, we provide instant estimates, each with unique advantages from the following options:

A Metal and Tile roof side by side installed by a Texas roofing contractor
  • Architectural Asphalt Shingle – is a popular choice for Texas roof replacements due to its affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. These shingles have a multi-dimensional texture that gives them a high-end look without a significant increase in cost. They’re resistant to harsh weather conditions and can last up to 30 years, making them a sound investment for Texas homeowners.
  • Designer Asphalt Shingle – the perfect choice for homeowners looking for an even more distinctive appearance. Although they come with a higher price tag, they also offer superior durability and longer warranties, which can make them a cost-effective solution in the long run for your Texas roof replacement.
  • Metal Roofing – a great choice for Texas homeowners looking for a long-lasting, eco-friendly roofing solution. Metal roofs are known for their strength and durability, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. While the initial investment for a metal roof can be higher, the long lifespan and low maintenance needs can make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • Solar Roof – Solar Roofs are becoming increasingly popular in Texas, a state that enjoys abundant sunshine year-round. It not only protects from the elements but also generates clean energy, which can significantly reduce your utility bills. While the initial installation costs can be high, the savings in energy costs and the potential tax credits can make it a wise investment.

How To Know You Need A New Roof in Texas

Old Texas metal roof needs a new roof cost

Knowing when to replace your roof is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your home. Regular inspections, both interior and exterior can identify common signs of roof damage. If you spot any of these signs, it may be time to consider a new roof.

  • Frequent Leaks: If you’re experiencing regular leaks in your home, especially after rain or storms, this could be a strong sign that your roof needs replacement.
  • Granules in Gutters: If you notice granules from your shingles in your gutters, it means the protective layer on your shingles is wearing away. This is a signal that your roof is nearing the end of its life.
  • Missing or Damaged Shingles: In Texas, where weather can be severe, shingles can become damaged or may go missing entirely. This is a clear sign that you need Texas roofing contractors to inspect and possibly replace your roof.
  • Roof Age: Most roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. If your roof is reaching this age, it might be time to consider a replacement.
  • Roof Sagging: A sagging roof is a serious issue and could be a sign of structural problems. It’s essential to contact a professional if you notice this issue.
  • Sunlight or Water in Attic: If you can see sunlight or signs of water coming through your roof when you’re in the attic, it’s time to consult a Texas roofing contractor about a roof replacement.

Texas Roofing FAQs

How much does a new roof cost in Texas?

The cost of a new roof in Texas varies widely depending on various factors such as the size of the roof, the material chosen, labor costs, and the complexity of the installation. However, on average, homeowners can expect to pay between $5,000 to $10,000. For a more precise estimate, use our Texas roof estimate tool.

What is the best roofing material for Texas’s climate and weather conditions?

Texas weather can be harsh and unpredictable. As such, durable materials like Architectural Asphalt Shingles, Designer Asphalt Shingles, and Metal Roofing are typically recommended. Solar Roof is also a fantastic option for those looking for energy efficiency in the hot Texas sun.

How can I protect my roof from high winds, hurricanes, and hailstorms?

Regular inspections and maintenance by professional Texas roofing contractors are essential in preparing your roof for harsh weather conditions. They can identify and fix any potential weaknesses. Choosing the right roofing materials, such as metal roofs or high-grade shingles, can also provide added resistance against high winds and hail.

Do you need a permit to replace a roof in Texas?

Permit requirements vary by city and county in Texas. Generally, a permit is necessary when you’re altering or replacing the roof structure. To ensure you’re complying with all local regulations, it’s best to check with your local building department or your Texas roofing contractor.

How much is a roofing permit in Texas?

The cost of a roofing permit in Texas varies by city and the scope of the roofing project. It can range from $50 to a few hundred dollars. Your Texas roofing contractor can provide accurate information based on your specific project.

Interesting Facts About Texas

Average roof replacement price in Texas$8,546
The number of Texas roofs we’ve measured9,638,069
Average Texas home size2,400 Square Feet
Average Texas property size (2020 Parcel Data)0.21 Acres or 9,540 Sqft
Largest zip code in Texas79843 – Marfa (3,845 Square Miles)
Average roof slope on Texas homes4/12 Pitch or 18.43 Degrees
Most common roof type in TexasAsphalt Shingle
Texas’s weather averagesLows of 52F/11C to highs around 74F/23C
Texas’s population estimated (2022)29,360,759
Texas’s Time ZoneCentral Standard Time (GMT -5)
Texas’s total square miles261,268
Data Collected 2021

The Most Popular Areas We Serve In Texas