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Roofing Contractors – Oklahoma

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Roofing Contractors – Oklahoma

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Wondering what it’s going to cost to replace your roof in Oklahoma?


2,056,363 roofs scanned by our roofing calculator in Oklahoma


Our roof replacement cost calculator has determined the average price of a roof in Oklahoma is $6,963


Find a roofer ideally suited to service your home from 581 highly-rated roofing contractors in Oklahoma

Top 20 Oklahoma Roofing Contractors

Enter your address in our app to learn who has the best combination of reviews and pricing for your exact home. Updated: 5/4/24

Advantage Roofing
(405) 203-3054
156 Google reviews

4700 South High Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Affordable Construction Company Inc
(405) 366-7113
47 Google reviews

6401 N Interstate Dr Ste 160
Norman, OK 73069

Canvasback Roofing
(918) 392-0919
16 Google reviews

38106 E 181st St S
Porter, OK 74454

All American Roofing Inc
(405) 787-0400
254 Google reviews

6701 NW 50th St
Bethany, OK 73008

All Oklahoma Roofing
(405) 413-0251
44 Google reviews

14416 Pony Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

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Ambassador Roofing & Construction
(405) 604-1002
13 Google reviews

1015 NW 164th St
Edmond, OK 73013

American Roofing & Construction LLC
(580) 762-7705
16 Google reviews

735 N Union St
Ponca City, OK 74601

Anytime Roofing Inc
(918) 553-6224
11 Google reviews

15609 N 137th East Ave
Collinsville, OK 74021

Arrowhead Roofing
(918) 743-9257
391 Google reviews

5810 S 118th East Ave
Tulsa, OK 74146

Aspen Roofing Inc
(918) 640-3513
13 Google reviews

1300 Wild Rose Trl
Edmond, OK 73034

Basey’s Roofing
(405) 755-8717
30 Google reviews

2700 S May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Billings Roofing & Solar Inc
(918) 600-9565
99 Google reviews

11911 S Oxford Ave Ste 300
Tulsa, OK 74137

Brox Industries LLC
(580) 353-3878
61 Google reviews

111 SW Texas Ave
Lawton, OK 73501

C&S Roofing LLC
(918) 438-4442
26 Google reviews

2226 S 92nd East Ave
Tulsa, OK 74129

Alexi Ojeda Roofing LLC
(405) 914-4691
25 Google reviews

5825 Great Hampden Rd
Edmond, OK 73034

Capital Roofing LLC
(918) 260-4075
74 Google reviews

18795 Spring Creek Ln
Claremore, OK 74017

Capstone Roofing LLC
(405) 338-7663
89 Google reviews

1782 W Lakeview Rd
Stillwater, OK 74075

Cobalt Roofing and Exteriors LLC
(405) 529-4272
20 Google reviews

3209 NW 18th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Covenant Roofing Inc
(405) 550-1510
43 Google reviews

8100 Sunkist Ln
Bethany, OK 73008

Aegis Roofing LLC
(405) 285-0123
33 Google reviews

7785 Gold Circle Dr
Edmond, OK 73025

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We’re committed to modernizing the roof estimation process for the digital age. We’ve recognized that traditional paperwork methods can be time-consuming and inaccurate, which is why we’ve leveraged the power of technology for your benefit. With our innovative platform, you can obtain the most accurate Oklahoma roof estimates. We believe in delivering superior service and precision, offering you an effortless and reliable way to navigate your roofing project.

  1. Enter your address into Instant Roofer.
  2. Confirm your home via Satellite Imagery.
  3. Instantly view your estimated cost and roof size.
  4. Submit the information to receive an estimate from the most affordable, top-rated roofing contractors in Oklahoma.

Discover the Highest-Rated Roofing Contractors in Oklahoma in Just A Few Clicks

Leverage our Oklahoma roof estimate tool to receive quotes from top-tier roofing contractors in your area. We carefully analyze each contractor’s experience and pricing, ensuring you connect with the best-suited Oklahoma roofing contractor tailored to your specific needs, all in a matter of seconds.

Select the Perfect Roofing Material to Fit Your Style and Budget

Commencing your journey towards roof replacement doesn’t have to be complex. At Instant Roofer, we’ve streamlined the process with our Oklahoma roof estimate tool. It presents you with four clear-cut choices, each representing a unique roofing material. This allows you to customize your Oklahoma roof estimates according to your taste and budget.

Examine the distinctive benefits of each material in the following sections. Bear in mind, making a well-informed choice is the initial step towards a successful roof replacement.

Better Asphalt Roof

Architectural Asphalt Shingle
Architectural Asphalt Shingle

Large color selection

Limited Shingle Style Options

Average Algae Protection

Average Life and Warranty

Average Impact and Wind Rating

Best Asphalt Roof

Designer Asphalt Shingle

High Curb appeal

Bigger and Thicker Asphalt Shingle

Better Protection Against Algae

Longer Lasting Life and Warranty

Better Impact and Wind Rating

Metal Roof

Metal Roof


Longer Life 40-70 years

Better protection from fire

Better home cooling (UV Protection)

Best Impact and Wind Rating

Solar Roof

Solar Roof

Ultimate Curb appeal

Clean Renewable Energy

Up to 30% in Federal Tax Credits

Potential $0 Electricity Costs

Increased Home Value

Clay/Terra Cotta

Clay Roofing Tiles in orange color
Clay/Terra Cotta Tiles

Up to 100-year longevity

Durable Against Sun & Wind

Great Insulation

Great Fire Resistance

Low Maintenance


Slate Roofing Tiles Close Up
Slate Shingles

Over 100-Year longevity

Fire Resistant

Durable & Low Maintenance

Natural Beauty


Cedar Shake

Cedar Shake Tiles up close
Cedar Shake Tiles


Boosts Home Value

Natural Aesthetic

Natural Resistance


Flat Roofing

Flat roofing coated with reflective color white
TPO or Flat Roofing

Commercial Applications


Low Repair Costs

Fast Installation

Low Maintenance


Copper Roofing without patina
Copper Metal Roof

Fire, Wind & Hail Resistant

Oxides Beautifully

Easy Maintenance

Up to 100-year longevity



Concrete Roof Tiles up close
Concrete Shingles

Over 100-Year longevity

Fire Resistant

Durable & Low Maintenance

Natural Beauty


Solar Panels

Multiple Solar Panels
Rooftop Solar Panels

Clean Renewable Energy

Up to 30% in Federal Tax Credits

Potential $0 Electricity Costs

Increased Home Value

Low Maintenance

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“Instant Roofers estimate was spot on. The contractor it recommended was excellent. All around a great experience.”

What Sets Us Apart

Roofing is a complex process, with numerous elements influencing the cost of your roof installation. From an array of roof types to a broad selection of materials, pricing can fluctuate based on the extent of your budget. Your local roofing contractors in Oklahoma will guide you in determining the best roof replacement strategy for your home.

Our history with roof estimate tools has led us to a crucial observation: homeowners often struggle with their roof size. This sparked a notion—what if we could simplify the process for homeowners? Instead of them wrestling with measurements, engaging with salespeople, and determining roof complexity, why not pose a simple question?

At Instant Roofer, we invest our efforts into accurately determining your roof estimate using our Oklahoma roof estimate tool. Our approach guarantees no spam and no attempts to upsell. We focus on providing straight-forward estimate for your roofing project.

Instant Roofer materialized from this concept, coupling tech experts and experienced roofing contractors in Oklahoma to devise the most convenient, quickest, and cost-effective means to calculate roof costs anywhere in America.

The cherry on top? We’re 100% American-owned, developed, and operated.

Your Go-To Oklahoma Roof Estimate Calculator

Obtain an immediate roof estimate right from the comfort of your home. We employ the power of big data and artificial intelligence to furnish you with rapid, budget-friendly, and precise cost estimates for your roof replacement.

How do we match you with the optimal roofer? We conduct a thorough analysis of roofing contractors’ pricing structures in your local area, coupled with their online ratings. This ensures you secure not only the most competitive price but also the top-rated Oklahoma roofing contractor for your needs.

How our Oklahoma roofing calculator works

About Instant Roofer

At Instant Roofer, we often encounter the question, “Are you a roofing company?”. We operate akin to the ‘UBER’ of the roofing industry, employing technology to simplify and streamline the roofing process for both homeowners and contractors alike.

Rooted in Experience: Roof replacement is a significant investment, with the average price of a new roof in Oklahoma sitting at approximately $6,600. We understand this and work to make your experience straightforward.

Innovation at Our Core: We’ve leveraged A.I. technology to measure roof sizes of over 129 million homes across America, making the process of getting a new roof more efficient.

Advanced Roof Estimate Calculator: Our advanced Oklahoma roof estimate tool connects you with local, highly-rated roofing contractors across all counties, helping you find the best-suited contractor for your specific needs.

Supporting Local Contractors: We’ve partnered with various Oklahoma roofing companies, each providing us with their specific cost per square foot for a new roof installation. With this information and the contractor’s rating, we find the most suitable Oklahoma roofing contractor for your project.

Transparent and Accurate Estimates: Roofing can be intricate, with many variables like roof pitch, facets, eaves, ridges, and more affecting the cost. We start with a preliminary estimate but always recommend getting a final quote for the utmost accuracy.

Committed to a Hassle-free Experience: We value your privacy and time. Unlike other roofing cost estimate companies, we won’t flood your inbox with emails from numerous contractors. We select the top-rated roofing contractors in Oklahoma in your area and work exclusively with them, providing all the necessary details for your roofing project.

Our Mission: Instant Roofer stands true to its name. Upon your acceptance of our online roof replacement estimate, we spring into action. We notify the selected roofer of the upcoming project and confirm the Oklahoma roofing contractor with you.

Roof Replacement Prices in Oklahoma

Understanding your Oklahoma roof estimate can help you budget effectively for your new roof. While prices can vary, the average cost for a roof replacement in Oklahoma ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. These prices can be influenced by various factors like the size of your roof, the materials chosen, and the complexity of the job.

solar panels installation by Oklahoma roofer

Components that Impact Roof Estimates

big blue roof with solar panels by Oklahoma roofing contractor

Several factors contribute to your overall roof estimate in Oklahoma:

  • Size: Size is one of the most significant factors that influence your Oklahoma new roof cost. Larger roofs require more materials and more labor, which increases the overall cost.
  • Shape: The shape can also impact the cost. Simple, rectangular roofs are usually less expensive to replace than complex roofs.
  • Pitch: The pitch, or slope, of your roof affects the cost as well. A steeper pitch can make the job more challenging and require additional safety measures, which can increase the labor cost.
  • Materials: The type of roofing material you choose can greatly impact the cost. Options like architectural asphalt shingle and designer asphalt shingle offer varying levels of durability and style at different price points. Metal roofing, while more expensive, is highly durable and energy-efficient.
  • Labor: The cost of labor can vary depending on the complexity of the job and the region. Roofing is a skilled job, and the craftsmanship involved can significantly impact the longevity and performance of your roof.
  • Additional Roofing Features: Features like chimneys, skylights, and ventilation systems can increase the complexity of the job and, therefore, the cost.
  • Existing Damage: If your existing roof has damage, such as rot or water damage, this will need to be addressed before the new roof can be installed, increasing the cost.
  • Permitting and Code Requirements: Your location in Oklahoma might require specific permits for roof replacement. Compliance with local building codes might also require specific materials or methods, which could affect the cost.
  • Contractor Experience and Reputation: Hiring a reputable Oklahoma roofing contractor with extensive experience might cost a bit more upfront, but their expertise can ensure a job well done and avoid future costs related to poor installation or inferior workmanship.

Right Roofing Materials For You

When it comes to choosing materials for your new roof, it’s essential to consider both cost and performance. Here are some options:

Architectural Asphalt Shingle: These shingles are high-quality roofing materials that offer an attractive, dimensional appearance. They are also designed to be more durable than traditional shingles. The average cost for this type of roofing material ranges from $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot.

gray and white metal roofing scanned by Oklahoma roofing calculator

Designer Asphalt Shingle: Designer, or luxury, asphalt shingles are top-of-the-line in the asphalt category. They are designed to mimic the look of natural slate or cedar shake roofs at a fraction of the cost. The price for designer asphalt shingles ranges between $4.50 and $6.50 per square foot, including installation.

Metal Roofing: Metal roofing is incredibly durable, energy-efficient, and available in a variety of styles and colors. It’s also fire-resistant and ideal for areas with extreme weather conditions. The cost of metal roofing can vary widely, depending on the type of metal used, but on average, it can range from $5.00 to $14.00 per square foot, including installation.

Solar Roof: Solar roofs incorporate solar technology into the roofing materials, allowing homeowners to generate their own electricity. While the initial cost is high, homeowners can potentially save on their energy bills in the long run. The estimated cost of a solar roof can range from $21 to $25 per square foot, including installation.

Weather Impacts Lifespan of Roofs in Oklahoma

bad weather condition for an Oklahoma roofing contractor scheduled installation

Oklahoma’s weather conditions can be harsh, with high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures. These conditions can wear down even the best roofs over time, emphasizing the need for durable materials and installation by professional roofing contractors in Oklahoma .

Why You Should Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

When it comes to roof replacement, hiring a professional Oklahoma roofing contractor is crucial. Professionals have the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. Moreover, they can help you navigate choices about materials and designs, ensuring you get a roof that’s perfect for your home and budget. Oklahoma roof estimate tool can provide you the most accurate roof cost estimate.

roofer checking other factors that might affect Oklahoma new roof cost

Oklahoma Roofing FAQs

Does Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

In most cases, homeowners insurance may cover Oklahoma roof estimate if the damage is caused by an act of nature or sudden accident. However, it typically won’t cover damages from neglect or normal wear and tear.

Recommended Roof Maintenance to Ensure Longevity and Prevent Leaks?

Regular roof maintenance involves routine inspections by a professional roofing contractor in Oklahoma, prompt repair of any damage, keeping gutters clean to prevent water backup, and ensuring your roof is free from debris, especially after severe weather. This proactive approach can extend your roof’s lifespan and prevent leaks.

What are the Causes of Roof Damage?

Roof damage can result from severe weather conditions, prolonged sun exposure, poor maintenance, aging, improper installation, and physical damage from falling debris. Utilize our Oklahoma roof estimate tool for your new roof project cost.

How Can I Prepare My Roof for Severe Weather, Including Thunderstorms and Tornadoes?

You can prepare your roof for severe weather by scheduling regular inspections with professional roofing contractors in Oklahoma to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities and maintain clean gutters to prevent water backup.

Are There Any Specific Building Codes or Regulations for Roofing in Oklahoma?

Yes, Oklahoma has specific building codes for roofing that dictate the type of materials used, installation methods, and minimum safety requirements. An experienced Oklahoma roofing contractor should ensure your roof replacement adheres to these codes.

Interesting Facts About Oklahoma

Average roof replacement price in Oklahoma$6,963
The number of Oklahoma roofs we’ve measured2,056,363
Average Oklahoma home size1,800 Square Feet
Average Oklahoma property size (2020 Parcel Data)0.24 Acres or 10,500 Sqft
Largest zip code in Oklahoma73933 – Boise City (924 Square Miles)
Average roof slope on Oklahoma homes4/12 Pitch or 18.43 Degrees
Most common roof type in OklahomaAsphalt Shingle
Oklahoma’s weather averagesLows of 51F/11C to highs around 70F/21C
Oklahoma’s population estimated (2022)4
Oklahoma’s Time ZoneCentral Standard Time (GMT -5)
Oklahoma’s total square miles68,597
Data Collected 2021

Thinking of financing your new Oklahoma roof?

A new roof can be an unexpected cost. You may need to borrow some money to get it done. We’ve built a simple roof financing calculator to help you figure out your monthly payments.

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