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House with asphalt shingle roof

What is an asphalt roof?

An asphalt roof is made from a base of fiberglass or organic felt, coated with asphalt, and topped with mineral granules. It’s popular for its affordability, durability, and versatility in residential and commercial settings. What is Asphalt? Ah, asphalt—a word… 

Are Metal Roofs Better?

Yes! They boast remarkable durability, energy-saving features, and aesthetic versatility. But no choice is without its drawbacks. Join us as we dissect the advantages and items to consider with metal roofing. Advantages of Metal Roofs Metal roofs have surged in… 

Homes with tarp after storm

How to Tarp a Roof?

Tarping a roof is an essential especially after storms since roofs can face significant damage. Addressing this immediately by tarping a roof serves as an effective alternative solution. Safety is paramount before beginning your tarping project. When Do You Need…