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Instant Roofer Embed Enhancements and Features

It’s finally here. After months of development time we’ve launched our latest version of our roof cost calculator. This post will showcase new features and basics on how it works. Our V2 calculator has been greatly enhanced and like before it’s still free for roofing contractors nationwide. Let’s dive into it.

How to Signup with Instant Roofer (Video)

We’ve created a quick video on how to signup with Instant Roofer.

Features and Instructions on Free Roof Replacement Calculator Embed (Video)

We’ll touch on all the new features below in this post. However, we’ve created a quick video showcasing all the new features of the V2 embed.

Upgraded Dashboard

First let’s showcase some of the new changes to our dashboard. Our focus has always been mobile first on our website. But our data showed that contractors were logging into the dashboard on their desktops. So we pivoted and changed our dashboard to include a desktop view. Here are new features:

Leads Via Email Toggle

Instant Roofer Lead Delivery toggle for email

We’ve added a toggle to enable and disable email leads. Why? Many contractors are using a Customer Relationship Management software or (CRM). With out Zapier integration the leads can go directly into their CRM and email no longer becomes necessary.

SMS Leads

Instant Roofer Lead Delivery toggle for SMS

Soon paid contractors on shared plans and exclusive plans will have the ability to get leads sent directly to their cell phone. Leading to almost instant communication with homeowners looking to get a roof replacement quote.

Update: 2/8/2024
Shared leads were discontinued to comply with TCPA and to improve customer experience as negative feedback was provided regarding 3 contractors contacting homeowners.

Enhanced Service Areas

Instant Roofer Service area selection system for roofing leads

Our first version was by county only. We received feedback from contractors that they prefer to pick service areas by zip code. So, we built it. Choose by county, city, and individual zip codes.

Enhanced Lead List

A List of roofing contractor leads in Instant Roofers Dashboard

We provide you a complete list of all the leads you have received. See the following information for each lead.

  • Lead creation date
  • Roof replacement estimate amount
  • Homeowner name
  • Homeowner phone
  • Homeowner email
  • Homeowner address
  • Homeowner roof size
  • Homeowners request for material type (roofing material)
  • The source of the lead. Either from Instant Roofer or your embedded calculator.
  • The status of the lead delivery.

Embedded Calculator Enhancements or V2

A screenshot of Instant Roofers enhanced calculator embed dashboard

Our new version of our free roof replacement calculator embed comes packed with new features. Adding our calculator is easier than ever and allows roofing contractors control to make it a part of their website. Let’s jump into the details of what is new.

Color Controls

Instant Roofers Calculator with Color control toggle

Have a different color website or simply do not like the default colors of the calculator? No problem, we now provide roofing contractors the ability to change background, text color, button color, and icon color. Match the theme of your website to give a more consistent feel to homeowners on your website.

Calculator Border Controls

Instant Roofers Calculator with border control toggle

Make your calculator stand out with a border. Highlighting it’s presence on your website.

Customized Step Titles

Instant Roofers Calculator with customized title controls

Communicate uniquely with your customers by customizing each steps titles. Use verbiage that speaks to homeowners in your area.

Customized Button Text

Instant Roofers Calculator with customized button text controls

Change the text on buttons to what is unique to your website and customer base.

Customized Pricing Display

Instant Roofers Calculator with customized pricing controls

Take control how homeowners see your roofing estimate. All pricing models are directly from your pricing input during signup and inside the dashboard. Choose from the following price display options:

  • Exact Price
  • Price Range
  • Premium (Difference in price between products)
  • Price by SQFT

For more information on pricing customization see our video.

Customized Final Message

Customized the final message at the end of the calculator funnel.