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As of February 14, 2024, Instant Roofer operates as a privately held corporation (Up on the Roof Technologies Inc.), with a commitment to transparency regarding our ownership and funding sources. We take pride in our straightforward approach to business operations and financial backing, ensuring our stakeholders and users have clear insight into our organizational structure and financial underpinnings.

Corporate Structure

Instant Roofer was founded in September 2022, embodying a pioneering vision in the roofing industry. Our establishment is the culmination of efforts by seasoned professionals across various domains, including former and current roofing contractors, software development, marketing, and engineering. This diverse expertise is foundational to our innovative approach, driving the development of solutions that address the nuanced needs of the roofing community.

Funding Sources

The financial foundation of Instant Roofer primarily consists of private investments. A significant portion of our capital infusion originates from individuals with extensive experience in the roofing sector, alongside contributions from experts in software development, marketing, and engineering fields. This blend of industry-specific and technical knowledge has been instrumental in shaping our strategic direction and operational capabilities.

In addition to private funding, Instant Roofer was honored to receive a startup grant from Google in 2023. This support not only underscores the potential seen in our venture by one of the technology sector’s leaders but also enhances our capacity to innovate and expand our offerings.

Revenue Model

Our primary revenue stream is generated through lead-generation services provided to contractors who partner with us. This symbiotic relationship allows us to offer value to both contractors seeking qualified leads and homeowners in need of reputable roofing services, thereby fostering a trust-based community within the roofing ecosystem.

Strategic Partnerships

In our quest to revolutionize the roofing industry, Instant Roofer has entered into a non-funding partnership with Tesla Energy. This collaboration enables contractors to utilize our Instant Estimating technology for Tesla Solar Roofs, offering Tesla Certified Installers an advanced tool for enhancing their service offerings. Such partnerships are pivotal to our mission, allowing us to integrate cutting-edge technology with our domain expertise for the benefit of our users and partners alike.