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Investor Opportunity

Over goal is to be the best online resource for homeowners to determine the cost to replace their roof and the best source of highly qualified leads for roofers.

There are many lead generation companies out there that tell homeowners they are going to give them a fast online estimate to replace their roof but most of these companies just collect homeowners’ contact information without giving them any actual information (nevermind an estimate) and then spam the heck out of them.

These same companies promise qualified leads to roofers but in reality, they generate leads and send those leads to multiple roofers annoying both the roofing companies and homeowners.

We are different.

We are a group of seasoned technologists and fed-up roofing contractors that believe in creating a great product and exceeding expectations. That’s why we have built an incredible online roof replacement cost calculator that allows homeowners to instantly see the size of their roof (measured using Artificial Intelligence), select their preferred roofing material, and get an estimate to replace their roof – in 1 minute or less. Best of all our technology uses machine learning so each time we calculate the size and complexity of a roof and get feedback from our roofing partners, our technology gets smarter and better for the next homeowner. We do all of this for free and the feedback from homeowners and roofers has been incredible. The other guys need up to 24 hours to pull this information and oftentimes need to send a technician to a homeowner’s house to generate a quote.

Additionally, we give homeowners the option to then connect with the best roofer in their area and we determine who that roofer is through a continuously evolving algorithm that takes into account price and the online reviews for each roofer.

  • The fastest online roof cost calculator in the industry that is smart and getting smarter
  • Homeowner friendly, no SPAM, experience
  • Connection to the best roofer for each individual home

Our laser-focused team is strong and getting stronger. With incredible feedback from our roofers and homeowners, we are committed to growing and being better with each iteration of our technology.

We are currently accepting seed round investments as we scale our team, technology, and marketing efforts. If you would like to learn more about our company and our vision for the future, please contact us or connect with our President, Jeff Berzolla, directly ([email protected]; 808.351.5713)