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Actionable Feedback Policy

At Instant Roofer, our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality in the services provided by our partner contractors is unwavering. To ensure these standards are consistently met, we have implemented a robust Actionable Feedback Policy that outlines our approach to monitoring, evaluating, and acting on feedback regarding the performance and conduct of roofing contractors affiliated with our platform.

Compliance with TCPA Rules

We mandate strict compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules by all roofing contractors partnering with Instant Roofer. Our commitment to protecting consumers and ensuring a respectful and lawful engagement process is paramount. We actively monitor compliance and take decisive action in the event of any breach of these regulations.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Instant Roofer employs a sophisticated algorithm designed to track public reviews of contractors. This system plays a critical role in maintaining the quality and reliability of the services offered through our platform. By automatically adjusting the visibility of contractors based on their public review scores, we ensure that only those with a track record of positive feedback are recommended to our users.

Transparency is a cornerstone of our operation. We publicly display the reviews of contractors listed on our website, providing an honest and comprehensive view of their performance. These reviews are updated bi-annually to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Actionable Feedback Process

Feedback regarding partner contractors is taken seriously at Instant Roofer. Our process for handling complaints is designed to be thorough and fair, ensuring that all concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. Here’s how we manage feedback:

  • Receipt of Complaint: All complaints received are logged and reviewed by our dedicated team.
  • Investigation: We conduct a comprehensive investigation into the complaint, which may involve direct communication with the complainant and the contractor in question.
  • Evaluation: Based on the findings, we evaluate the contractor’s adherence to our standards and the TCPA rules.
  • Action: Contractors found to be dishonest, misleading, or otherwise disreputable will face consequences, including the possibility of removal from our platform.

Commitment to Excellence

Our Actionable Feedback Policy is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our responsibility to the communities we serve. By enforcing this policy, Instant Roofer ensures that only the most reputable, reliable, and compliant contractors are connected with homeowners through our platform. We believe in fostering a culture of trust and transparency, and this policy is a critical component in achieving that goal.

If you have feedback we want to hear it. You can reach directly to our principle [email protected]