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We try to answer some of the common questions. But if you have a concern, or suggestion, or need help reach out to us.

I have a problem with my lead.

Reach out to us and we will credit your account, no questions asked.

I service more than one state. How do I add more states?

Currently, each contractor is limited to the state in which their contractor’s license is issued. Need to add another state? Sign up again for another account for your next state.

Are you a national roofing company or service many states? Reach out to us and we will set up your account.

Do you give leads to my competitors from my website?

No, when you embed Instant Roofer on your website we use a unique ID after you sign up. This means that all leads will only come to your company regardless if another contractor services your area.

Why am I getting leads from other states on my embedded Instant Roofer?

When you embed Instant Roofer on your website. All lead traffic is yours and yours alone. If you’re getting a lot of leads from another state it might be time to consider expanding to that state or focusing on SEO efforts to stop marketing outside your service area.

Can I use this roof replacement estimate technology on my website?

Yes, you can embed Instant Roofers estimating technology right on your website. Simply create a landing page called and use the embed code from our embed instructions. Don’t forget to change the ID to the one issued to you when you signed up for Instant Roofer.

Do you sell my leads to multiple roofers?

Unlike our competition, we do not sell your leads to multiple companies simultaneously. Leads from Instant Roofer are exclusive. This means if a customer got an estimate for a roof in your service area, you would be the only one to receive the lead.

I’m not getting as many leads as before.

It’s possible that a competitor in your service area has signed up and has a lower price and a higher rating. If this occurs check your contractor dashboard. You will be notified that this has occurred. Steps you can take to regain leads would be to work on your reviews and potentially lower your price. If you feel this is an error, reach out to us.

Where do you guys get reviews?

We source multiple review systems. But a great start would be Google reviews.

I have too many leads!

No problem! In your dashboard, you can pause your contractor account and resume when you’re ready for more leads.

When do you bill me for leads?

After the first five free leads, we will charge your credit card automatically at the end of the month for any additional leads.

Ready to start getting free roof replacement leads?