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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer some of the common questions. But if you have a concern, or suggestion, or need help reach out to us. Updated: 1/24/2024

Do you give leads to my competitors from my website?

No, when you embed Instant Roofer on your website we use a unique ID after you sign up. This means that all leads will only come to your company regardless if another contractor services your area. Leads via your website with our embed can never be sold to any other contractor.

Why am I getting leads from other states on my embedded Instant Roofer?

When you embed Instant Roofer on your website. All lead traffic is yours and yours alone. If you’re getting a lot of leads from another state it might be time to consider expanding to that state or focusing on SEO efforts to stop marketing outside your service area. Since we do not limit your service areas on the embedded calculator you can virtually provide estimates anywhere.

Can I use this roof replacement estimate technology on my website?

Yes, you can embed Instant Roofers estimating technology right on your website. Simply create a landing page called and use the embed code from your dashboard. Don’t forget to change the ID to the one issued to you when you signed up for Instant Roofer. You will need to signup to get the embed code and remain a part of our network. We’ve created a video on how to do this.

Do you sell my leads to multiple roofers?

If you’re on a shared tier or free tier account with us then up to 3 max contractors in your area will get the same lead as you.

I’m not getting as many leads as before.

It’s possible that a competitor in your service area has signed up for the exclusive tier or your reviews online have fallen below our threshold of allowed partner level for leads.

Where do you guys get reviews?

We source multiple review systems. But a great start would be Google reviews.

I have too many leads!

No problem! In your dashboard, you can pause your contractor account and resume when you’re ready for more leads.

When do you bill me for leads?

We bill for leads 4 days after the lead has been delivered to you. This gives you 3 days to dispute the charge for the lead.

What if I have a problem with a lead?

Reach out to us and we will credit your account, no questions asked. You can also login to your dashboard and request a credit for the lead without any justification.

I service more than one state. How do I add more states?

Currently, each contractor is limited to the state in which their contractor’s license is issued. Need to add another state? Sign up again for another account for your next state.

Are you a national roofing company or service many states? Reach out to us and we will set up your account.

Can I use your embedded calculator without buying leads?

Yes! Simply signup and at the end, you will see “login to dashboard” Inside the dashboard, you will see the embed code. Add that code to a page on your website and use our technology for free.

Why is your embed roof calculator free? What is the catch?

It’s a win win for both Instant Roofer and Roofing Contractors. Contractors using our calculator embed are essentially helping us fine-tune our technology. Making it better for Homeowners, Contractors, and our Learning Algorithms.

Do you sell contractor information or homeowner information?

We do sell leads. If homeowners come to our website we charge a lead generation fee to contractors in our network. If you are a homeowner who doesn’t want your information in our system. Contact us and we will delete it. Part of our promise to protect your privacy rights.

We do not sell our contractor information to third parties. We also do not sell homeowner information to third parties. We may share information with our partners for the purpose of quality assurance, testing, and general follow-up.

Can you send leads to my CRM?

Yes! We recently completed our Zapier Integration Application. You can see some of our easy to use templates or make a Zap yourself. You can get your Zapier API key from the dashboard.

Can I get my leads via SMS?

Yes, for shared and exclusive contractors you can select SMS delivered leads.

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